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We offer a comprehensive range of traditional highland wear and pipe band supplies. Donald McPhee and his team offer years of experience in tailor-made outfits for quality conscious individuals and cater for the growing demands of the modern-day pipe band. We are the shop choice for thousands of customers worldwide who are looking for our commitment, quality and customer service. Our reputation is based on competence, reliability and honesty. You will be pleased to know that most of the products you find in our online shop are in stock, enabling us to provide fast and efficient delivery. We hope you enjoy shopping with us.


Neil Selbie Drone Reeds - Set
Product number: 1600NS
Selbie Imitation Cane Drone Reeds have been designed to provide the stability of a synthetic reed while providing the tonal qualities found in the finest cane reeds.One of the main features of the Selbie reed is the patent pending tongue system. The T shape formed tongued fits into the precision engineered reed body. This eliminates the need to glue tongues to the body. It allows the tongue to be removed and cleaned of any residue or seasoning if a reed were to fall into the pipe bag. It can then be refitted to the reed body and set to its original position.Our reeds have been developed to fit most makes of pipes. Black waxed hemp can be added to the rubber sleeve to ensure a secure fit.Prior to despatch, the reeds have been tested for pitch and strength, and are delivered with instructions on how to fine tune the reed to obtain the perfect balance between chanter and drones.

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Cap Badge Crest of Brittany
Product number: 1231BRT
Cap Badge Crest of BrittanyBrittany, located in northwestern France, was settled by the Britons of the West Country from the fourth century to the ninth century. Its language, Breton, is very close to Cornish, and the people are recognized as one of the six Celtic Nations. There is a strong piping tradition in Brittany, and alongside the two local types of bagpipe, the Great Highland Bagpipe has been adopted since the end of the Second World War.The crest of Brittany features an ermine, or stoat, with an ermine cape, the traditional symbol of the Dukes of Brittany. The motto translates to "it will never be stained," symbolizing purity and integrity.Our Cap Badge Crest of Brittany is crafted from premium quality hand-finished pewter. Each badge is hand cast by our highly skilled craftsmen at our workshop in Glasgow, Scotland, ensuring exceptional detail and quality.The cap badge is traditionally worn on the Glengarry or Balmoral bonnet on the left-hand side, atop the rosette, adding a touch of heritage and elegance to your attire.Specifications:Material: Hand-finished pewterSize: 5cm by 6cmWeight: Approximately 25 gHand cast in Glasgow, ScotlandAdd a piece of Brittany's rich cultural heritage to your collection with this exquisite cap badge.

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Crest of Brittany Kilt Pin
Product number: 1234BRT
Crest of Brittany Kilt Pinlength: 9 cmwidth: total 5 cmthickness: approx. 6 mmWeight: approx. 25 gMaterial: 100% Pewter. Very robust

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White Cockade - Jacobite Rose
Product number: 500625ROS
White Cockade - Jacobite RoseThe White Cockade, also known as the Jacobite Rose, is a symbol rich in history and tradition. In 1688, King James VII of Scotland and II of England was deposed in what became known as the 'Glorious Revolution'. Supporters of the exiled Stuart monarchs became known as ‘Jacobites’.James attempted to regain his throne in 1689, ultimately being defeated in Ireland at the Battle of the Boyne. James’ son, the ‘Old Pretender’ James VIII and III, made his attempt in 1715, landing in Scotland with a small force and rallying the nobles and Highland Clans. He was forced to flee after the bloody Battle of Sheriffmuir.Finally, in 1745, the third Stuart, the dashing Charles Edward Stuart, the ‘Young Pretender’ or ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’, made a bid to reclaim the thrones of Britain, via Scotland. Charles’ charisma drew the Highland Clans to him, and his army made it all the way to Derby in England, before fatefully turning back to Scotland. He was defeated at the Battle of Culloden.The Jacobites distinguished themselves during the '45 Rebellion with white cockades, folded ribbons sewn onto their hats to resemble a white rose, one of the symbols of the exiled Stuarts.Our White Cockade is meticulously crafted from corded silk and features a brooch pin on the back for easy attachment. Measuring approximately 85mm square, this elegant accessory is a perfect homage to a storied past.Add a touch of history to your attire with the White Cockade - Jacobite Rose.Price for Cockade only, without headwear.

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Product Highlights

The Sporran Organiser
Product number: 800121
Put an end to your cluttered sporran with the new Sporran Organiser! Introducing the Sporran Organizer, where streamlined elegance meets practical functionality. "The new Sporran Organizer puts an end to chaos," ensuring that your experience with Scottish attire is both traditional and effortlessly efficient.

The Sporran Organizer's full-zip opening design reveals a clear and accessible view of all contents, allowing for instant location of exactly what you need, hassle-free. This revolutionary product tackles the age-old issue of a cluttered sporran. Designed with the needs of kilt-wearers in mind, the Sporran Organizer transforms your sporran into a neatly organised and easily accessible storage space, eliminating the frustration of searching for keys, cards, or small essentials amidst a jumble of items.
 The Organizer is crafted to fit flawlessly in day sporrans, dress sporrans, and semi-dress sporrans, showcasing a commitment to custom-tailored design. Its multi-compartment layout systematically stores coins, cards, and notes, each in their designated section. An integrated key ring, commonly found in high-end rucksacks, secures your keys while keeping them accessible. For items like IDs and driver's licenses, the organizer features an internal hidden zipped pocket, complemented by a large internal mesh pocket for items that need to be easily visible and accessible. An additional external pocket provides quick access to frequently used items such as your phone, passport etc..
 The Organizer is crafted from a unique, durable yet soft and flexible fabric, similar to high-grade canvas. This material perfectly balances resilience and adaptability, allowing the organiser to expand slightly to accommodate various items while maintaining a sleek profile. Its pliable nature ensures smooth manoeuvrability, simplifying both the insertion and removal processes from your sporran. This choice of material reflects our dedication to creating a product that is robust, long-lasting, and perfectly aligned with the practical needs of kilt-wearers.
• Custom Fit: Engineered to seamlessly fit into day sporrans, dress sporrans, and semi-dress sporrans
• Multi-Compartment Design: Separate compartments for coins, cards, and notes ensure that each item has its designated space
• Integrated Key Ring: Features a standardised key-ring attachment, keeping your keys secure yet accessible
• Dual Zipped Pockets: Two internal zipped pockets offer added security for important items
• Versatile Mesh Pocket: A large internal mesh pocket provides storage flexibility
• Exterior Pocket: Conveniently store items in a quick-access external pocket
• Full-Zip Opening: An all-around zipper allows complete access to the contents
• Effortless Access: Easily locate what you need with the simple-to-use zipper
• Maximised Space: The design maximises your sporran's storage capacity
• High-Quality Materials: Crafted from durable, premium-quality materials

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REEDFiX- Bagpipe Chanter Reed Tool
Product number: 214560
BandSpec REEDFiX, the ideal tool for reviving very weak and old reeds.If your chanter reed starts sounding squeeky, in particular on the tope hand, simply use the REEDFiX to "FiX" it.Before you decide to replace an old reed, try the REEDFiX first, it might save you money on the long run! The REEDFiX comes is supplied in a protective packaging. The price does not include a chanter reed.

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Ezeedrone Standard Drone Reeds - Set
Product number: 1600EZ
Ezeedrone Bagpipe Drone Reeds are a fantastic choice for bagpipe players of all levels seeking high-quality, reliable drone reeds. Manufactured from top-tier materials and crafted with expertise, these reeds generate a warm, rich tone that appeals to even the most discerning listener.One of the defining attributes of Ezeedrone Bagpipe Drone Reeds is their user-friendly nature. They have been engineered to be highly stable and easy to set up, requiring little adjustment and enabling effortless tuning to achieve the perfect pitch and tone. Their exceptional durability and longevity can be attributed to their superior construction.In addition to their unparalleled sound quality and resilience, Ezeedrone Bagpipe Drone Reeds display remarkable versatility. They are compatible with an extensive variety of bagpipes and can be utilised for both solo and group performances, making them an excellent selection for amateur and professional musicians alike.Being the most commonly used drone reeds around the globe, Ezeedrone Bagpipe Drone Reeds are well-respected for their consistent performance and warm tonal quality. Whether you're a seasoned bagpipe player or a beginner, these reeds promise to elevate your playing to new heights. Their superb sound quality, simplicity of use, and adaptability make them an essential addition to the toolkit of any serious bagpipe player.Price for a set of 1 bass and 2 tenors

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BandSpec Bagpipe Chanter Tape
Product number: 210102
BandSpec Bagpipe Chanter TapeChanter Tape is used for fine tuning the pipe chanter. Notes that are slightly sharp can be flattened by applying tape to the top of the hole. Our chanter tape has been specifically made for the bagpipe chanter.Unlike normal tape, the BandSpec chanter tape does not leave a sticky residue when removed. Colour: black. Size: 9 mm x 20 mGlenn Brown loves it! This is what he says about the BandSpec Chanter Tape:”I have been using this tape for the last 8 years now. It is without a doubt the best I’ve ever used. For me, the two best components of it are: the width and the stickiness. I love that it’s thinner in depth to other kinds of tape, so there is more room between holes, leaving space so as not to overlap (which can sometimes happen, especially on carved band chanters with bigger holes). The tape sticks well to blackwood and plastic and doesn’t leave any sticky residue after altering/adjusting several times. I prefer wrapping it around twice on itself, but works just as well with one layer.”

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BandSpec BLUE Reed Absorb (12)
Product number: 216115
BandSpec BLUE Reed AbsorbIf you spend time playing on your practice chanter you will know that after around 10 minutes of playing your practice chanter reed will cut out due to excess moisture building up around the practice chanter blades. This can be very annoying and often enough you’ll end up waisting time constantly blowing the wet out of the reed, time much better spent practicing!Here’s a brilliant solution! The BandSpec BLUE Reed Absorb. Simply attach to the practice chanter reed and it will soak up the moisture that would normally build up around the practice chanter reed, enabling you to practice for much longer. It really is magic! See the Video Demonstration . Reusable! The aborbers come in a pack of 12 and are reusable. Simply allow to dry after playing and the BLUE Absorb will work just as good as when it was new. We recommend replacing the BandSpec BLUE Reed Absorber every 2-4 weeks to achieve maximum absorption efficiency.Price for one pack (12) of reed absorbers. Price does not include the practice chanter or chanter reed.

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Warnock Practice Chanter Reed
Product number: 210201
Warnock Practice Chanter Reed, plastic.Our most popular and most sold practice chanter reed.

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Split-Brush Bagpipe Cleaning Brushes
Product number: 216120
Set de brosses de nettoyage pour cornemuses BandSpec Split-BrushLe set de brosses de nettoyage pour cornemuse BandSpec Split-Brush est composé de deux types de brosses permettant de nettoyer et de sécher les bourdons de votre cornemuse. 

Les brosses de nettoyage conventionnelles finissent souvent par voler autour de votre étui de cornemuse, prenant de la place et collectant la saleté et la poussière... ce qui n'est pas idéal lorsque vous utilisez les brosses pour nettoyer vos bourdons. Le set de brosses divisées est soigneusement emballé et protégé dans le tube d'emballage, ce qui permet de garder les brosses propres lorsqu'elles ne sont pas utilisées.Gagnez de l'espace 
La conception unique des brosses en deux parties permet de gagner de la place et de les ranger soigneusement dans votre étui de cornemuse ou votre boîte d'accessoires.Jeu de brosses 2 en 1 
Le set se compose de deux types de brosses de nettoyage. En nylon et en laine. La brosse en nylon est idéale pour enlever la saleté et la poussière des bourdons. Contrairement aux brosses en nylon dur qui peuvent potentiellement endommager vos bourdons, les brosses en nylon BandSpec sont semi-douces et idéales pour ce travail. Les brosses en laine sont parfaites pour éliminer l'humidité des drones ou peuvent être utilisées pour appliquer de l'huile de forage.Dimensionnement 
Deux tailles de chaque type de brosse sont incluses. La plus petite des brosses est utilisée pour nettoyer les bourdons ténor et la partie inférieure de votre bourdon basse. Les brosses plus grandes sont idéales pour le nettoyage des joints de la partie supérieure de la basse à grande perce.

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ReedGuard Reed Protector
Product number: 2199001
The BandSpec ReedGuard protects the pipe chanter reed from getting clipped when removing or inserting the pipe chanter into the chanter stock.Yes, it can and it does happen! You’re preparing to play a gig or competition and you clip your chanter reed! Panic!- Fits all standard highland bagpipe chanters - Full airflow, without any restriction - Screws on/off to access reed - Simple to set up - Can be removed as not a permanent fixtureThe ReedGuard acts as a protective guard over your reed, preventing accidental damage when handling your chanter. The ReedGuard can be screwed on and off to enable access to the reed for reed adjustments. Air flows freely to the chanter reed, making sure you can play as you normally would.The ReedGuard is simple to set up and can be dismantled at any time as it is not a permanent fixture.

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BandSpec Bagpipe Accessory Box
Product number: 216156
The BandSpec Bagpipe Accessory Box is the ideal storage box for storing your essential accessories, keeping your bagpipe case organised.Perfect size: made to fit in any standard size bagpipe case.Tidy: help keep your bagpipe case tidy and organised.Custom fitting: internal removable spacers enable individual configuration.Price for accessory box only. Accessories shown are not included in the price.

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The Bagpipe Stand
Product number: 214785
The Bagpipe StandA purpose built bagpipe stand. It's practical, it's portable and is very solidly built.Practical. Ideal for every day use of your pipes, with your pipes ready to handPortable. Collapsable. Fits nicely into a regular size bagpipe caseSolid. Well built and easily carries the weight of your pipesPrevents damage. You no longer need to leave your pipes lying on the floor!Ideal for the professional piper on stage

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