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10.10.2016 18:10
Explorer Australian Bagpiper Case
New - Explorer Australian Bagpiper Case

The Bagpiper Explorer is the latest addition to the authentic Australian Bagpiper range of premium cases. Every aspect of the Bagpiper Explorer has been extensively planned, tested and manufactured to very high standard. It is a high quality, very comfortable backpack for pipers looking for a bagpipe case for every day use.

Bagpiper case

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10.10.2016 16:06
Piper Kilt Socks, Rifle Green
New - Piper Kilt Socks, Rifle Green

The Piper Kilt Hose has become increasingly popular amongst individuals and especially band members. The length of the turn over section can be adjusted to meet individuals needs and requirements.
Piper Kilt Socks Rifle Green

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Welcome to the Kilts & More Europe Online Shop

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We offer a comprehensive range of traditional highland wear and pipe band supplies. Donald McPhee and his team offer years of experience in tailor-made outfits for quality conscious individuals and cater for the growing demands of the modern-day pipe band. We are the shop choice for thousands of customers worldwide who are looking for our commitment, quality and customer service.
Our reputation is based on competence, reliability and honesty. You will be pleased to know that most of the products you find in
our online shop are in stock, enabling us to provide fast and efficient delivery. We hope you enjoy shopping with us.

Highland Wear

Our aim is to provide you with the traditional highland look you desire. Whether you are a pipe band member, an individual looking for an authentic Scottish outfit, or someone looking for a fashionable tartan garment. Our shop offers an exclusive range of products, from traditional hand-sewn kilts, to beautifully hand-crafted highland wear accessories. We take great pride in preserving the Scottish culture, offering only the highest quality goods for you to enjoy.



Purchasing a bagpipe is a very special occasion. At Kilts and More we want to ensure you are making the best investment possible. Our team offers years of experience in piping and bagpipe set-up. We aim to ensure that every bagpipe we send, is to the highest possible standard. In addition, we stock one of the most extensive ranges of bagpipe accessories available.


Scottish Drumming

We’re passionate about the products and service we offer to snare, tenor, and bass drummers all over the world. We are official dealers for Andante, Pearl and Premier. In addition, we offer a wide variety of accessories from renowned brands such as Jim Kilpatrick, Tyfry, Remo, Bowfry, Hard Case, Protection Racket and many more!

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