ReedGuard Reed Protector

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Product information "ReedGuard Reed Protector"

The BandSpec ReedGuard protects the pipe chanter reed from getting clipped when removing or inserting the pipe chanter into the chanter stock.

Yes, it can and it does happen! You’re preparing to play a gig or competition and you clip your chanter reed! Panic!

- Fits all standard highland bagpipe chanters
- Full airflow, without any restriction
- Screws on/off to access reed
- Simple to set up
- Can be removed as not a permanent fixture

The ReedGuard acts as a protective guard over your reed, preventing accidental damage when handling your chanter. The ReedGuard can be screwed on and off to enable access to the reed for reed adjustments. Air flows freely to the chanter reed, making sure you can play as you normally would.

The ReedGuard is simple to set up and can be dismantled at any time as it is not a permanent fixture.