ReedGuard Reed Protector

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Product information "ReedGuard Reed Protector"

The BandSpec ReedGuard protects the pipe chanter reed from getting clipped when removing or inserting the pipe chanter into the chanter stock.

Yes, it can and it does happen! You’re preparing to play a gig or competition and you clip your chanter reed! Panic!

- Fits all standard highland bagpipe chanters
- Full airflow, without any restriction
- Screws on/off to access reed
- Simple to set up
- Can be removed as not a permanent fixture

The ReedGuard acts as a protective guard over your reed, preventing accidental damage when handling your chanter. The ReedGuard can be screwed on and off to enable access to the reed for reed adjustments. Air flows freely to the chanter reed, making sure you can play as you normally would.

The ReedGuard is simple to set up and can be dismantled at any time as it is not a permanent fixture.


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The canister is the major part of the moisture control system. The basic concept of the canister system, is that the air must pass through the canister filled with drying granules prior to reaching the reeds. This canister system, combined with the highly breathable bag, offers pipers the best available means of controlling moisture, which means much greater stability of tone and longevity of reeds. Comes complete with:Canister and absorbe litterspare canisterChanter tubeBass Drone tube2 x Tenor tubesInstruction manualPrice without Bag

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BandSpec BLUE Reed AbsorbIf you spend time playing on your practice chanter you will know that after around 10 minutes of playing your practice chanter reed will cut out due to excess moisture building up around the practice chanter blades. This can be very annoying and often enough you’ll end up waisting time constantly blowing the wet out of the reed, time much better spent practicing!Here’s a brilliant solution! The BandSpec BLUE Reed Absorb. Simply attach to the practice chanter reed and it will soak up the moisture that would normally build up around the practice chanter reed, enabling you to practice for much longer. It really is magic! See the Video Demonstration . Reusable! The aborbers come in a pack of 12 and are reusable. Simply allow to dry after playing and the BLUE Absorb will work just as good as when it was new. We recommend replacing the BandSpec BLUE Reed Absorber every 2-4 weeks to achieve maximum absorption efficiency.Price for one pack (12) of reed absorbers. Price does not include the practice chanter or chanter reed.

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Bannatyne Canister Moisture Control System CMCSA silica gel based moisture control system giving longer playing time, excellant airflow, no restriction to chanter reed, great starts and stops, easy to install with direct connection to stocks, easily adjustable to suit any climate and easily adjustable to suit wet or dry blower.3 Air Hoses for Drone Stocks1 Air Hose for Chanter Stock1 Air pressure Control Material1 Canister Connector Cap2 Canisters complete with gels and Holding Bands1 Bag Additional gelsNOT included (but shown in the picture) is the blowstock watertrap. This is no longer available.How to install

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