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Bandspec Blowpipe Valve

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Product information "Bandspec Blowpipe Valve"

The BandSpec Blowpipe Valve is an innovative non-return air valve, masterfully designed for bagpipes. This valve stands out not just for its superior performance, but also for its user-friendly features and distinctive design.

    • Superior Airflow and Engineering:
      Crafted with precision, the BandSpec Valve ensures excellent airflow with no restriction and is made from highly durable materials for a smooth playing experience.
    • Easy Installation and Versatility:
      Designed for effortless installation, the valve fits a range of bagpipe sizes and types. It can be fitted from 3/4" - 7/8" and accommodates internal tapered bores without additional modifications.
    • Efficient Air Delivery and Airtightness:
      Featuring a large bore, the valve is 100% airtight, guaranteeing consistent and reliable performance.
    • Dual Functionality:
      Acts as an effective spit trap and water trap, efficiently collecting condensation and moisture for easy removal.
    • Durability with Warranty:
      Comes with a 2-year guarantee, reflecting its quality and reliability.
    • Compact and Sleek Design:
      With an approximate diameter of 12.5 mm, the valve maintains a compact profile and does not alter the bagpipe's aesthetics.
    • Convenient Removal Tool:
      The valve includes a specially designed removal tool, which features a hole for attaching to a keyring. This thoughtful addition makes it easy to locate the tool when needed.

    • Bright Blue Color:
      Both the tool and the valve itself are in a vibrant blue color, not only adding a touch of style but also making them easy to find, whether inside your bagpipe case or among other accessories.

An instructional video is available, showing how to fit the valve and combine it with additional accessories, making the installation process straightforward and user-friendly.

With these features, the BandSpec Blowpipe Valve is not just a tool for improving your bagpiping experience, but also a convenient and practical addition to your musical ensemble.