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Reed Clipper

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Product information "Reed Clipper"

The Bagpipe Reed Clipper.

Achieve the perfect sound with the Bagpipe Reed Clipper, designed to expertly trim the tip of your bagpipe reed. Whether you're an experienced player or just starting out, this tool allows you to tweak your chanter reed to the precise strength and sound you desire.

The clipper features replaceable blades for easy maintenance, ensuring you can continue using it for years to come. Best of all, the Bagpipe Reed Clipper is offered at an affordable price without the chanter reed, making it a cost-effective choice for any bagpipe player.


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Knife for reed manipulation
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Very sharp knife for bagpipe chanter reed manipulation.Premium quality knife from Stanley. Metal casing and comes with 2 very sharp blades.If your reed is too hard and uncomfortable to blow then you can make it easier by very gently shaving off some of the cane. To do so you have to use a very sharp blade and gently shave the upper region of the blades remembering to remove the cane evenly across the width of both blades.

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VAT incl.: €18.50* VAT excl. : €15.55
REEDFiX- Bagpipe Chanter Reed Tool
Product number: 214560
BandSpec REEDFiX, the ideal tool for reviving very weak and old reeds.If your chanter reed starts sounding squeeky, in particular on the tope hand, simply use the REEDFiX to "FiX" it.Before you decide to replace an old reed, try the REEDFiX first, it might save you money on the long run! The REEDFiX comes is supplied in a protective packaging. The price does not include a chanter reed.

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