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BandSpec Bagpipe Chanter Tape

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Product information "BandSpec Bagpipe Chanter Tape"

BandSpec Bagpipe Chanter Tape

Chanter Tape is used for fine tuning the pipe chanter. Notes that are slightly sharp can be flattened by applying tape to the top of the hole. Our chanter tape has been specifically made for the bagpipe chanter.

Unlike normal tape, the BandSpec chanter tape does not leave a sticky residue when removed.

Colour: black. Size: 9 mm x 20 m

Glenn Brown loves it! This is what he says about the BandSpec Chanter Tape:
”I have been using this tape for the last 8 years now. It is without a doubt the best I’ve ever used. For me, the two best components of it are: the width and the stickiness. I love that it’s thinner in depth to other kinds of tape, so there is more room between holes, leaving space so as not to overlap (which can sometimes happen, especially on carved band chanters with bigger holes). The tape sticks well to blackwood and plastic and doesn’t leave any sticky residue after altering/adjusting several times. I prefer wrapping it around twice on itself, but works just as well with one layer.”

Glenn won the World Pipe Band Championships as Pipe Seargent of the Shotts and Dykehead Pipe Band in 2015. His Solo Piping achievements include Canadian Gold Medal for Ceol Mor. Dunvegan Medal for Ceol Mor & Highland Society of London’s Gold Medal at The Northern Meeting.