Regimental Heavyweight Kilt - 5 Yard

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Black Watch - RW100 - House of Edgar - Regimentalweigtht - SW
Cameron of Erracht - Highland No 4 RW101 - House of Edgar - Regimentalweigtht - SW
Gordon Modern RW102 - House of Edgar - Regimentalweigtht - SW
MacKenzie Seaforth - Highland RW103 - House of Edgar - Regimentalweigtht - SW
Stewart Hunting RW104 - House of Edgar - Regimentalweigtht - SW
Stewart Royal RW105 - House of Edgar - Regimentalweigtht - SW
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Product information "Regimental Heavyweight Kilt - 5 Yard "

Our Regimental Heavyweight Kilt is tailored in Scotland to the highest standard. Our kilt makers are highly skilled and have years of exprience. They take great pride in their work.

We go that extra length to ensure our customers receive the quality and service they expect when ordering a made-to-measure garment. When you order a kilt from us we will look closely at the measurements you provide and contact you if we believe changes are necessary. We will proceed with tailoring only when we are confident the sizing match your profile. This way you can trust the kilt will fit when you receive it.

Typically, a traditional kilt is made from 8 yards (7.3 mtr) of the finest quality fabric. The amount of cloth used depends on your size.

Our kilts are:

  • Made to measure for a perfect fit
  • Tailored in Scotland by highly skilled and experienced kilt makers
  • Made using the best of fabric (18oz regimental weight)
  • Fitted with three buckles for better a better fit
  • Fitted with belt loops as standard
  • Available in a selection of regimental tartans

Measuring guide

Price for kilt only (without accessories). The pictures show a Seaforth MacKenzie Tartan kilt.